Hi Everyone,

Sorry, I haven’t written sooner but this summer has been a crazy one. As you know last year I stepped up to a small block modified from years in the Sportsman Class and we also made the move from a large track to the great small track at Penn Can Speedway in Pennsylvania. We started off the year in the small block but due to Mothers Nature wanting to make sure we have enough rain this year, it started out as a difficult season: not only with numerous rain outs but being that the track was so heavy the small block was just not enough to keep up with the big blocks. A couple of weeks ago I was surprised with the purchase of a big block modified motor. Something I had always wanted but unexpected this year. The new motor was dropped into the car and my first race was the Clash at the Can on Wednesday, June 12th. Over 85 modifies came out to make a 28 car field. I can only say that the butterflies were working overtime in my stomach that night. Being my first time with this motor, not knowing how it was going to run, and racing with some of the top modified drivers in the northeast; I have to say it was amazing to be able to hit the throttle and feel that horsepower under me is an experience I wish you all could do. I didn't make the show but it was a great night to put the car out on the track and get valuable seat time. The following Friday we went back to our regular show at Penn Can which we average 24 to 28 cars a week. Although, my Dad never changed the set up from that Wednesday my left front tire hung about 18 inches in the air. It was like being on an amusement ride with your feet feeling like they were going to go over your head. It may not seem like such a big change, but it is and we are starting all over, again.

Last Friday, July 5th was my first opportunity to start pole in my heat race. Unfortunately, after 2 laps my car lost power only to find out that my ignition switch went bad. We thought we had the problem fixed and started the feature on the tail end on lap 7 something didn't feel right with the car. So while we were under caution for a spun car I took the car into the pits. On lap 8 there was a huge pile up in turn 1 which took the track safety crew almost a half hour to clean up. During this caution we decided that I would go back out to try to finish the race. Well, when I tried to put the car in reverse I couldn't, only to find out that either my rear or my transmission was blown. OMG can’t catch a break! The only good thing that came out of this was: 1) I wasn't on the track when the huge wreck occurred and 2) If I did not go back out on the track and put the car on the trailer we wouldn’t have known about the rear and transmission. Well, I have a new rear and transmission, so we are ready to be back on the track on Friday night, weather permitting. LOL

As most of you know my love for animals, this year I have partnered with my charity True Friends Animal Shelter in Montrose to raise awareness of pet owner responsibility. But, I also have another no kill rescue that is close to my heart A.W.S.O.M. which stands for Animal Welfare Society of Monroe. A.W.S.O.M. is located in my home town in the Pocono’s in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania and I am a huge supporter of this terrific organization. The staff and volunteers are so dedicated to the homeless animals. On Sunday, July 14th, I invite all my fans, fellow racers and friends to join me for a great day of fun at Memorytown USA located on Grange Road, Mt. Pocono, PA for “CRAZY FOR CARS” from 10am to 4pm. If you go to A.W.S.O.M.'s facebook page or their website you will find the form for registration. There are 16 class categories including Motorcycles. Best of Show and Peoples Choice Trophies will be awarded. You will even get to meet my cool Grandparents, Wayne and Janet who are bringing their corvette and friends from their corvette club in Scranton. Great friends Heath and Leslie (fellow racers) are bringing their 1955 Ford F100 pick up, my Mom will have her corvette and of course, I am bringing my RACE CAR. Won’t be the prettiest car in the show but I promise you it will be the fastest. LOL

Please remember all the homeless furbabies and the help that is needed to care for them until the right family comes along. All non-profit, no kill shelters exist on the help of their communities.

A huge thank you to my Dad, Mom, Uncle Dan Wade, Heath Metzger, Broc Caswell, Grampa and Gram-ma Martin and all the fans for their support of Christine Martin Racing. Please join us at Penn Can Speedway on Friday nights for a great time of racing.


Christine Martin


Doc Pawsivite
P.A.W.S. Veterinary Clinic